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Native Selections of Christmas Tree Production in the Southern Coastal Plain of the US

In this project, we will evaluate the viability of several seed sources of native tree species (Atlantic white-cedar, spruce pine) as alternatives to a standard and an improved Leyland cypress cultivar across the southern Coastal Plain. The matching of native species to suitable sites will result in more sustainable systems that require less fertilizer, irrigation, and pest and disease control interventions, ultimately increasing the value of products through good land stewardship. We will be partnering with members of the Southern Christmas Tree Association (SCTA) to establish trials with native tree species to evaluate the productivity and success of native species across a variety of growing conditions, and quantify the impact of insects and disease on traditional versus native tree species used in Christmas tree production along the Coastal Plain.


Collaborators: Josh Granger (MSU), Southern Christmas Tree Association
Funding: Christmas Tree Promotion Board

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