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Courtney M. Siegert (PI)

University of Delaware, Ph.D., Geography 

University of Delaware, M.S., Geography

Fairfield University, B.S., Mathematics

Graduate Students

Casey Beam

Mississippi State University, M.S. candidate, Forestry

North Carolina State University, B.S., Forestry


Thesis: Effectiveness of commercially available Japanese stilt grass (Microstegium vimineum) control methods


Will Kruckeberg

Mississippi State University, M.S. candidate, Forestry

Stephen F. Austin State University, B.S., Forestry-Fire Management


Thesis: Prescribed fire impacts to forest soils: nutrients and erosion.


Kimberlyn Pace

Mississippi State University, M.S. candidate, Forestry

Texas A&M, B.S., Plant and Environmental Soil Science

Thesis: Changes to biogeochemical cycling of a pine forest following southern pine beetle infestation

Undergraduate Students
MS APPS test July 2018.JPG

Allie Barnett

Mississippi State University, B.S. Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation- Resource Conservation Science


Project: Advancing Populus production in the southeast - assessing changes to soil biogeochemistry



Jordan Roberts

Mississippi State University, B.S. Forestry- Forest Management


Project: Multifunctional ecosystems: Nitrogen mitigation by short rotation woody crops in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley


Research Associates & Staff

Cade Booth

Research Associate II



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