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Restoration Impacts on Ecosystem Productivity, Soil Health, and Water Quality

​The encroachment of invasive species and ineffective management have caused serious degradation to ecosystem services throughout the southeaster US. Efforts to restore these systems is commendable, yet consideration must also be given to the impacts and effectiveness of such activities on biodiversity, productivity, and environmental quality. This research project will follow restoration efforts at the Infinity Science Center in coastal Mississippi. We will determine the impact of commonly used land management activities on

  1. ecosystem structure -biomass production, species diversity, invasive species control

  2. ecosystem function - soil carbon sequestration and storage, soil nitrogen availability, downstream water quality


Collaborators: Krishna Poudel (MSU), Joshua Granger (MSU), Will kruckuberg (Current MS Student), Darcy Hammond (Current MS Student), Eric Sparks (CREC-MSU), Melissa Wedel (Infinity Science Center).

Funding: Mississippi Department of Marine Resources

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